Monday, June 16, 2008

Weird fun field trips

Necessity is the mother of invention, and since our weekly "fun budget" is often limited, Sam and I were talking about possible inexpensive, simple, and fun "mini field trips" we could do this summer - apart from the usual local pool, library, zoo, movies, etc. - to keep things from getting too boring...

Here's what we sometimes do, and other ideas we came up with in the car today...I hope to add to this list as the summer days pass:

The pet store - just to browse - then on for limeades, smoothies or ice cream (all are nearby the pet store location for us).

The bookstore - We all get to browse for what we like, and Charlie gets to go to the train table and immediately make a poopoo...what could be better?! I'll take a mocha frappucino with that please...Thanks. :)

Farmers Market - we have a dinky little one here in our rural community, but it is cute and the veggies are fantastic. We usually pair this with a drive out to our property before or after, since they are nearby one another.

Go to a restaurant near the airport for yummy food and some airplane-watching. In our case, Luby's cafeteria has those huge windows that are situated perfectly to watch planes of all sizes arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth airport. And, hey, who can complain about a reasonably-priced smorgasbord to satisfy all tummies...?!

The Federal Bureau of Printing and Engraving (or something like that) Fort Worth branch is just a hop, skip and jump away from us - I think watching money being made might be pretty cool! We have yet to do this one...

Botanic Gardens - Fort Worth Botanic Gardens is an absolute favorite of ours!

Nature Reserves and Trails - see my post below for a recent discovery of a local nature park/trail system. Also just recently we tried out a new nature reserve, which we happen to pass every time we go to my mom's house - its fantastic fun, as long as the heat isn't too extreme.

What are your favorite "simple and interesting field trip destinations"...? Please feel free to comment!

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rjjkeweed said...

I just made a similar list of fun, inexpensive, things to do this summer with the kids-- here's ours.....

1. strawberry/blueberry picking at the local farm
2. walk on the canal
3. minor league baseball game
4. paint your own ceramics place
5. roller skating
6. ice skating
7. bowling
8. walk around in Princeton and get famous "Thomas Sweet's" ice cream
9. local reservoir to swim (whole carload for $5!)
10. free movies at the local theater every Tuesday morning-- can't beat that!

Hope you all have a FUN summer-- I'm looking forward to just hanging out with my kids!!